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"DBBC3 the new wide-band backend for VLBI", W. Alef

"Origin And Evolution Of Multi-Band Variability In The Radio Source 4C 38.41", J. C. Algaba, Poster in PDF

"Resolving the Geometry of the Innermost Relativistic Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei", J. C. Algaba, Poster in PDF

"A new IAU Working Group for communicating radio astronomy", M. Argo, Poster in PDF

"Multi-epoch VLBI images to study the ICRF-3 Defining Sources in the Southern Hemisphere", S. Basu, Poster in PDF

"Bursting H2O maser source G25.651.05: from single-dish to space VLBI", O. Bayandina, Poster in PDF

"AGN intra-day and inter-day variability studies on VIRAC radio telescopes", V. Bezrukovs, Poster in PDF

"Towards a determination of H0 in JVAS B1030074: a detection of the VLBI jet in both images", A. Biggs, Poster in PDF

"Physical parameters of the near-Earth asteroids from radar observations", Y. Bondarenko

"Dwingeloo Telescope returns to VLBI", P. Boven, Poster in PDF

"OJ287: Deciphering the 'Rosetta stone of blazars'", S. Britzen

"M2O-VLBI: The VLBI branch of the Maser Monitoring Organisation", R. Burns

"OH EGOs: Hydroxyl masers in Extended Green Objects", R. Burns

"The Current Status and Wideband Upgrades of the KVN", D.-Y. Byun, Poster in PDF

"Delving Deeper into Blazar Cores with 3mm GMVA Polarimetric Observations", C. Casadio, Poster in PDF

"Magnetic Field, Kinematic and Physical Properties of G351.4170.645 from high resolution observation of OH masers using LBA", T. Chanapote

"ICRF3, the new realization of the International Celestial Reference Frame", P. Charlot

"High-precision VLBI astrometry of radio stars", W. Chen

"Measuring the Core Shift of Sgr A*", I. Cho, Poster in PDF

"Simultaneous Monitoring Observations of Evolved Stars Using KVN 4 Bands II", S.-H. Cho

"(JUMPING) JIVE: Recent Developments", G. Cimo, Poster in PPTX

"ASTERICS and the challenges of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics", G. Cimo, Poster in PPTX

"What can VLBI do for your research. The EVN and JIVE.", F. Colomer, Poster in PDF

"EAVN observations along with EHT for M87 in 2017", Y. Cui, Poster in PDF

"6668-MHz Methanol maser exploration of the W51 SFR complex beyond W51 main", S. Etoka

"Milliarcsecond monitoring of supernova remnants in M82", D. Fenech, Poster in PDF

"VLBI monitoring of two distant quasars as a showcase for 'EVN Lite'", S. Frey, Poster in PDF

"The rise and fall of a binary AGN candidate: the story of PSO J334.20281.4075", S. Frey, Poster in PDF

"Total and linearly polarized synchrotron emission from overpressured magnetized relativistic jets", A. Fuentes, Poster in PDF

"High-resolution VLBI imaging of the gamma-ray blazar candidate J13312932", C. Gabanyi, Poster in PDF

"First Results of 6-21cm VLBA Observations of the MOJAVE-II AGNs", D. Gabuzda

"High frequency component contribution to the ICRF-3", C. García Miró, Poster in PDF

"3C 84 and a solution to the "Doppler crisis"?", J. A. Hodgson

"Investigating dark matter properties with flux-ratio anomalies in radio-loud strongly lensed quasars", J.-W. Hsueh

"MASK: Multi-frequency AGN Survey with the KVN", T. Jung

"Probing the Faraday screen in the nuclear region of 3C84", M. Kam

"Methanol maser polarization toward a massive star forming region, G10.34-0.14, using the KVN and the ALMA telescopes", J.-h. Kang

"Interferometric Monitoring of Gamma-ray Bright AGNs: J11592914", S. Kang, Poster in PDF

"Analyzing VLBI interferometer characteristics using zero-baseline lab prototype and RASFX correlator", V. Ken

"Exploring the Nature of the 2016 γ-ray Emission in the Blazar 1749096", D. Kim, Poster in PDF

"KVN Surveys of Water and Class I Methanol Masers toward High-mass YSOs", K.-T. Kim

"KVN Observation of Microquasars Simultaneously at K, Q, W and D Bands", S.-W. Kim

"Linking radio variability and kinematics in the extragalactic jets", A. Kutkin, Poster in PDF

"Radio and gamma-ray variability of S5 0716714", J. W. Lee

"Solving the puzzling kinematics of flat spectrum radio quasar 1928738", K. Lee, Poster in PDF

"Jet Kinematics of the Quasar 4C 21.35 from KaVA Observations", T. Lee

"Interstellar Scintillation Monitoring of the RadioAstron Blazars", J. Liu

"From Electrons to Janskys: Synthetic Imaging of 3D Relativistic Jet Simulations", N. MacDonald

"The Evolution of Extreme Scintillator: PKS B1144-379", N. M. Md Said

"RASFX and DiFX: The Comparison of Geodetic VLBI Processing Results", A. Melnikov

"The geometric distance and binary orbit of PSR B1259-63", J. Moldon, Poster in PDF

"The new e-MERLIN CASA pipeline", J. Moldon, Poster in PDF

"Study of ICME by spacecraft radio signals", G. Molera Calvés

"Examining the jet of blazar 3C 273 at low frequencies using the International LOFAR Telescope", S. Mooney

"The Role of the EVN in our Understanding of High-redshift Star-formation Activity and Low-Luminosity AGN Systems through Integrated Imaging across Wide Spatial Scales", T. Muxlow

"High-resolution study of the inner jet of M87 at 8 and 15 GHz", A. Nikonov, Poster in PDF

"Inferring parameters of AGN jets using Bayesian analysis of VLBI data with inhomogeneous jet model", I. Pashchenko, Poster in PDF

"Bias of core shift effect measurement in the blazars jets", I. Pashchenko, Poster in PDF

"Relation between continuum radio spectra and parsec-scale properties of extragalactic radio sources", A. Popkov, Poster in PDF

"Results from RadioAstron polarization observations of 3C345", F. Pötzl, Poster in PDF

"Multi-frequency study of the gamma-ray flaring BL Lac object 2233-148 in 2009-2012", A. Pushkarev, Poster in PDF

"Exploring optimal sub-arraying strategies for MeerKAT-VLBI", N. Qwabe, Poster in PDF

"Fourier-Plane Modeling of the Jet in the Nucleus of the Galaxy M81", A. Ramessur

"Ultra-compact structures in galactic masers observed in the Radioastron project", N. Shakhvorostova, Poster in PDF

"Development of KVN information system", J. S. Shin

"First galactic maser interferometric observations in Irbene - Torun baseline", I. Shmeld, Poster in PDF

"EATING VLBI and KVN-Yebes observations of AGN jets", B. W. Sohn

"Resolving the Innermost Jet Region of Radio Quasars 3C454.3 and OJ287", T. Traianou

"Frequency-dependent core shift in ultracompact quasars", P. Voitsik, Poster in PDF

"Compact star formation products in the nearby galaxies IC10 and NGC1569", J. Westcott

"New Zealands Continued VLBI Development", S. Weston

"Searching for Galactic Center Pulsars with the Very Large Array", R. Wharton

"Interstellar scintillation observations for PSR B035554", Y. Xu

"Simultaneous VLBI monitoring observations of H2O and SiO masers toward VX Sagittarii", D.-H. Yoon

"The Power of Simultaneous Multi-frequency Observations for mm-VLBI: Beyond Frequency Phase Transfer", G. Zhao, Poster in PDF

"Sgr A* observations with KaVA and EAVN", G.Zhao